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TPO related Information

The names, designations, and other particulars of Training and Placement officers:

Name and Details of Training and Placement Officer

Name : Shri M. B. Raval
Designation : Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering
Phone No. : 2852681123
TPO Email :

Name and Details of Assistant Training and Placement Officer

Name : Shri M.R. Kukadiya
Designation : Lecturer, Civil Engineering

Name : Shri R. R. Koriya
Designation : Lecturer, Electrical Engineering

Objectives of Training and Placement Cell

  • To provide career guidance about avenues open after Diploma. i.e. Higher    education, placements and entrepreneurship.
  • To provide recruitment opportunities to students.
  • To provide exposure to Diploma pursuing students.
  • To Facilitate, liaison and coordinate career development programs.
  • Managing Recruiters correspondence.
  • Organizing Pre-Placement activities like group discussion and mock interviews.
  • Planning and organizing various Placement drives on campus.
  • Finding, informing and managing Pool Placements drives.

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