Program Details



To produce globally compatible civil engineers with core values.


  • To impart quality technical education to contribute to the field of Civil Engineering.
  • Develop competency to work as an entrepreneur, leader, team member in the field of civil engineering.
  • Develop ethical values and a sense of responsibility towards society and the sustainability of the environment. 

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)


PEO1: Pursue scientific and technical careers beginning with entry-level civil engineering positions in industry and higher education.

PEO2: Learn soft skills along with technical knowledge in civil engineering and entrepreneurship.

PEO3: Become responsible citizens have moral value and cope with recent development in the field of civil engineering.


PSO1: Implement the Civil engineering plans and designs especially related to transportation Engineering.

PSO2: Implement the plans and designs of different structures related to Water Resources Engineering.

PSO3: Use advanced methods, materials, and equipment in construction technology.


This lab consist of different type of construction material testing equipment and it will help students to learn practical approach regarding material testing.

1 Aggregate impact testing machine
2 Los Angeles abrarasive testing machine
3 Compaction factor test apparatus
4 Compression testing machine
5 Laboratory C.B.R  test apparatus
6 Permeability test apparatus model no. RSEP/167
7 Brinell hardness tester
8 Universal testing machine
9 Izod cum charpy impect testing machine
This lab develop for different test of applied mechanics like law of parallelogram of forces, law of triangle, law of polygon etc.

List of equipment in A.M.  Lab
1 Polygon & parallelogram of force apparatus
2 Parallel forces apparatus
3 Friction slide apparatus
4 Combined inclined plane and friction slide apparatus
5 Simple wheel and axle apparatus
6 Wheel differential axle apparatus
7 Warm & warm wheel apparatus
8 Simple screw jack
9 Young’s modulus apparatus searls patterns
10 Deflection of beam apparatus

This lab develop to test different soil samples. Also installed instrument to find modulus of elasticity of wire.

List of equipment in Soil. Mech.  Lab
1 Laboratory C.B.R  test apparatus
2 Permeability test apparatus model no. RSEP/167
3 Multi-media projector
4 Electronic balance:
5 Core cutter:
6 Oven temperature:
7 Electronic balance: 
8 Cube mould 7.06x7.06cm MS
9 Cube mould 15x15cm C.I.ISI
10 Sieves of different type. CIS
11 Liquid limit device (motorise)
12 Plastic limit apparatus
13 Proctor compaction test apparatus
14 Field density pouring cylinder (large)
15 PH meter – voltronic make model PM-100
16 Physical balance weight capacity up to – 100gm accuracy – 1 milligram
17 Two pan balance 
18 Shrinkage limit apparatus [IS: 2720] set of:-
19 Test sieve size-8”? brass frame
20 Sieve shaker gyratory- 20cm(motorised)
21 20cms? test sieve brass frame. Sizes
22 Pycnometer 2lbs capacity with fitted with brass cone
23 Density basket 20cm? x 20cm high with GI wire
24 Proctor mould 100 mm dia
25 Proctor mould 150 mm dia
26 Rammer 2.6kg
27 Rammer 4.89 kg